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The Sackville Rivers Association (SRA), is a not for profit, registered charitable, volunteer based community group founded in 1988. We are concerned with the health of the Sackville River Watershed.


Our Vision

An ecologically sustainable Sackville River Watershed that is valued, accessible, and enhances community life.

Our Mission Statement

The Sackville Rivers Association restores, enhances, and protects the environmental health of the Sackville River Watershed for present and future generations; by providing river restoration, promoting recreational use, delivering educational programs, and encouraging stewardship.

Our Objectives

  • To protect and where necessary restore the environment of the Sackville River watershed.

  • To raise awareness about the Sackville River and other watersheds through public outreach and education.

  • To work towards the establishment of a Conservation Corridor along the Sackville River by providing access to, and appreciation of, the river.

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