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We have been involved in the development of a multi-use, active transportation trail system along the shores of the Sackville Rivers. Our ultimate goal is the development of a Conservation Corridor running the length of the Sackville River.

SRA has been instrumental in the development of two trails:

The Bedford-Sackville Connector Greenway - a multi-use 2.5 km Active Transportation trail along the Sackville River. It connects the communities of Bedford and Sackville. The Greenway is surfaced with crusher dust, making it accessible to strollers, wheelchairs and all types of human powered cycles. The BSCG enables users to: 

  • Spend time in natural surroundings

  • View rock sills  and digger logs that we have installed to promote fish habitat restoration 

  • View, enjoy or photograph flora and fauna

  • Cycle, walk, run, cross-country ski, dog-walk

  • Fish

  • Read Interpretive posters to learn more about the area, its flora and fauna.


Additional information on the BSCG can be found here.


The Sackville Greenway - a multi-use trail along the Little Sackville River. The 1.5 km trail follows the Little Sackville River between the corner of Sackville and Riverside Drives to Glendale Drive near Beaverbank Rd. Ultimately, the Sackville Greenway will run from Fultz House to Feely Lake.


A multi-year Development Plan offers a vision and development strategy for the Sackville Greenway. 

The full text of consultant reports related to the development plan are available below.


Sackville Greenway Development Plan

Update: February 2022


The Sackville Greenway, as proposed in the 2011 Sackville Greenway Multi-Year Development Plan, is an envisioned paved multi-use pathway corridor that will connect Fultz House to Feely Lake. Multi-use pathways accommodate various active transportation users from those who walk, cycle or utilize a mobility device such as a wheelchair. The 2011 Plan had split the envisioned greenway corridor into five sections to permit for phased design and construction based on available funding, community benefits and opportunities. 

This project involves developing a functional (30%) design of Section A (Riverside Walk) and the part of Section B (Downsview Park Link) from where Section A ends at Sackville Cross Road to the Sackville Transit Terminal. A public open house was held on February 24th at the Sackville Sports Stadium from 3:30-7:30 pm to collect feedback on the draft functional design. The window for public comments and suggestions closed on March 12, 2022. The maps and associated photos are being made available on our website for the sake of public information. 

We will continue to provide updates as plans mature.


About the maps below:

    • A couple of images are displayed on the maps to provide examples of proposed greenway cross sections and visuals of what the greenway could look like at specific locations. 

    • Numbers enclosed by a black circle on the maps correspond to the numbered photos in the document named “CompiledDisplayPhotos.” These photos portray the existing conditions (within the last 1-5 years) of the marked locations on the map. 

Bedford SackvilleConnector Greenway

We have been monitoring trail use on the BSCG since 2013 using automated counters. The figures below show that the trail has been, and continues to be, extremely popular with the public.

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