The SRA sponsors numerous events throughout the year. These include fundraisers such as the annual Duck Race in May and Dinner Auction in September. Others are educational or informational such as monthly talks by guest speakers. And there are community spirit events such as river cleanups, fish stocking and "rock throwing".

Note:  "Rock throwing" events involve adjustment of rocks and stones in the stream in order to establish a distinct channel, clear out pools or repair previously installed structures.

Note: Due to COVID 19 restrictions, many of our regular events have been cancelled. Board meetings and the AGM have been modified to an online format.

 Current & Upcoming Events

June 2021 

SRA Annual General meeting

The Sackville Rivers Association is seeking new members, if you are interested, get to know us by RSVPing to our Annual General Meeting (AGM).


AGM: Thursday June 3rd, at 7:00 pm, via Zoom. RSVP to Damon at


Members can:

  • Join monthly education meetings with local Watershed Experts

  • Participate in river and habitat restoration and clean-up projects

  • Gain access to expert knowledge and connections focused on the Sackville River, Sackville trails and watershed & land advancements happening across the province- through the knowledge shared from staff and Board members of the SRA

  • Help out with other special projects & events

The SRA Board would especially welcome Mi'kmaq persons and youth (age 18-35) to bring their names forward as members and we would also welcome those interested in joining our board.


Spring 2021

Online Fish Friends & River Rangers


In response to COVID 19, Sackville Rivers Association is pleased to announce an online adaptation of our Fish Friends and River Rangers educational programs. This integrated version began at the end of February 2021 and is offered in both French and English.


Teachers and students will be able to virtually follow the development of brook trout from egg to alevin to fry. We hope to help students develop watershed stewardship through a better understanding of natural habitats and fish life cycles. Each lesson is 30-60 minutes long and include the possibility of responding to the lessons through art and written responses. Seven main topics are explored over 10 lessons:


  • The Mi’kmaq concept of Netukulimk

  • Watersheds

  • River and ocean habitats

  • Fish life cycles

  • Food chains

  • Developing observation skills

  • Natural and human impacts on the environment


Lessons can be found at: