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Announced Dec. 12 - The Sackville River Wilderness Area is a Reality!

Sackville River Wilderness Area was included in the 2013 Nova Scotia Our Parks and Protected Areas Plan. It has gone through several rounds of public consultation, including most recently in spring 2021. In total, 800 hectares of public land are now legally-protected.

Through the designation process, the protected area boundary for Sackville River Wilderness Area has increased in size from 631 hectares to 800 hectares. The protected area was expanded to include additional public lands on the eastern side of the wilderness area. In 2020, CPAWS-NS conducted a boundary assessment of Sackville River Wilderness Area and recommended to the Nova Scotia government an expansion to the protected area boundary at this location to better protect floodplain forests, vernal pools, wetlands, and recreational opportunities, among other conservation values. It also brings the entirety of Hawkin Hall Lake into the protected area boundary.

This all goes to show the work of environmentalists is important and ongoing. Continue to speak up, and help those around you have their voices heard!

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