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On Thursday July 8 at 7PM, SRA Presents via ZOOM

Halifax’s Urban Forest Master Plan; Trees in the City through the lens of a Municipal Administrator.

In 2013, Halifax Council adopted an ambitious plan to both protect and grow the urban forest in and around the urban core of the Halifax Regional Municipality. The decision to act was made based on the mounting evidence of the multitude of benefits that trees in cities can provide. How has this plan impacted the Urban Forest in Halifax over the past 8 years? What have been the successes and what lessons have been learned? With the 10 year anniversary fast approaching, and a rapidly growing and developing City, what will Urban Forest Management look like in Halifax over the next decade?

Crispin Wood’s Bio

With a degree in Biology and a diploma in Forestry Engineering, Crispin began his career as an Arborist with the Federal Government in Ottawa. In 2013 he returned to school to pursue his Masters of Sustainable Forest Management at UBC in Vancouver. Since completing his Masters he has progressed through his Urban Forestry career, first supervising tree maintenance contracts for York Region to eventually managing the Urban Forest portfolios for Edmonton and most recently the Halifax Regional Municipality.

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